An interstate highway system in the US which runs north and south starting from Laredo, Texas and then goes up and ends at Duluth, Minnesota.
Homeless Jimmy: Yo Samuel my man, wanna move our place to the side of the road of I-35 instead of by this dumpster?

Homeless Samuel: Sounds good mate.
by EyorEugh September 14, 2016
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Similar to long money. Typically, a longstanding financial empire that has been amassed and eventually passed down from generation to generation. The term "I-35" is symbolic of the length of U.S. interstate that nearly touches the neighboring countries of Mexico and Canada, giving it a near nationwide effect. The Hiton sisters, Ivanka Trump are some examples of beneficiaries of I-35 money.
Paris Hilton, got that I-35 money.

Ivanka Trump, got that I-35 money.

Oprah got that I-35 money.

Bill Gates got that I-35 money.

Warren Buffett got that I-35 money.
by TechieThugg March 12, 2008
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