A way to text ok without sounding like you may be mad
Person1 "Sorry I can't hang out today"
by Twooof April 25, 2019
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A cute word for saying okay.
friend: hey wanna come over and hang out?
you: okie! :)
by Pinkiistar June 18, 2013
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shorter way of saying okie (a cute way of saying okay)
person: don't talk to my bro dude. ok?
person 2: oki
by urmumslilpot December 6, 2016
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A less formal way of saying Okay. It is given as a cheerful, bright... less intimidating response. It is also more used online rather than irl.
someone says "I'll be right back"
You reply with "okies"

Someone is doing something that doesn't bother you, you reply with "okies"...

someone is annoying you and your pissed off you say "Okay".. not "okies"
by anon March 6, 2004
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Oki is basically a short version of Okey Dokey. Originally used by accident instead of saying 'ok', its caught on like wildfire and is now used by many people around London.
Friend 1: Do ya wanna come out today?
Friend 2: Oki
Friend 1: Kewl
by Murray Lewis November 20, 2003
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Dust Bowl-era migrants from Oklahoma or Kansas; or anyone who lives in Oklahoma
by vince hamo September 25, 2003
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A cute way of saying "okay".
"Hey, you're hot! Wanna fuck?"

"Okie. >w<"
by Lunar Escape October 19, 2007
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