4 definitions by Murray Lewis

Oki is basically a short version of Okey Dokey. Originally used by accident instead of saying 'ok', its caught on like wildfire and is now used by many people around London.
Friend 1: Do ya wanna come out today?
Friend 2: Oki
Friend 1: Kewl
by Murray Lewis November 20, 2003
Another way of describing the knuckle-touching aspect of respect.
Me: Potato me my grain-rin.
Friend: Sure man.
by Murray Lewis November 20, 2003
To ignore someone completely just to annoy them.
Person: Hello there
Guy: (blank)
Person: hellooooooooo
Guy: (blank)
Person: damn you (walks off)
Guy: hahaha
by Murray Lewis November 20, 2003
Break My Windows -
Cos people without BMW's smash them up out of pure jealousy.
Hey theres a BMW!
Lets go smash it up cos we can't afford one.
by Murray Lewis November 22, 2003