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The most passive aggressive term ever used in existence. Usually used when someone makes a valid point that you don't agree with.
"You're a thot, you sucked my best friends cock!" Ok and
by esurksti January 20, 2018
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Something that you say when someone says something that is either useless or you don't care about.
Richard: You look like a diseased sock monkey
Ping: ok and
by mtlf February 14, 2019
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A phrase similar to so what?, used to show indifference towards whatever someone is saying. Often yelled, "ok and" originated as a response to someone who makes an excuse to not drink.
B: I've been drinking for the last 5 hours...

M: I don't see you drinking, BITCH!
N: Dude I'm on my meds...
M: OK AND???
by SmokeSquicker July 08, 2018
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