Something that you say when someone says something that is either useless or you don't care about.
Richard: You look like a diseased sock monkey
Ping: ok and
by mtlf February 15, 2019
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when you strongly dont give a shit about what the other person is saying, so you just try to make them add on to their sentence.
Kelly: hey bitch! you're gay!
Idk: ok and?!?!
Kelly: ...
by Vorcee November 3, 2019
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The most passive aggressive term ever used in existence. Usually used when someone makes a valid point that you don't agree with.
"You're a thot, you sucked my best friends cock!" Ok and
by esurksti January 20, 2018
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used by mfs who know the definition of ratio and don't have any other comebacks, and their father going for milk for quite a long time is a common occurance. also a sign of being maidenless and most likely no bitches either.
Guy1:"yoo my dad just came back with the milk"

Guy2" "ok and?🥶🥶"
by big shot || May 22, 2022
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A South African origionated phrase that has significant meaning in the demanding society we all live in. Okes meaning men,blokes,guys,dudes. One can say that it categorises the acceptance of male behaviour. The phrase ultimately means "so be it" or "ce la vie" however has developed into a phrase that can be used as "you should have known," "i told you so" or "thats what happens..." Its lax and carefree manner when directed at someone justifies why some things always, just happen.
Moses: " Ah, i just dumped by my girl 'cos she was giving me mixed messages"
Leonardo: "Okes are Okes"

"i dropped my phone in the toilet!"
answer: "Okes are Okes"

"those guys are crazy shitting on the roof"
answer: "Okes are Okes"

"i cant belive he just slapped my ass"
answer: "Okes are Okes"
by Fletcher14 July 24, 2011
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The word "OK" is used as a status for ones mental and physical well being, for affirmation, and confirmation of understanding.

OK OK! Can be used in multiple different ways.

OK OK!: Pondering a previous statement, work of art, music, or skill. This provides a confirmation of consideration, understanding, or interest, while implying that you are impressed with what was presented.

OK OK!: Often stated in a vocal tone of annoyance or frustration stating, "I understand already!"

OK OK!: Is something that is stated before one begins a noteworthy feat or challenging task. saying this in a confident or aggressive tone would be the equivalent of Stating "Lets Get it"

"OK" "OK!" When one person states "OK" in an argument and the other responds with "OK!" The argument is at it's end with Without a true victor. If a girl is involved, this tends to be followed up with a final rude remark either continuing the argument, or starting a new one.
Him: "OK OK! Ion get what the big mf deal is! Its just a girls picture! I ain't even try to like it! OK!?
Her: "OK! .........You must think I'm that MF stupid huh!?"
Him: "Girl! Why TF you always gada....!"
by Calikalie September 5, 2018
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