A situation in which a person is receiving verbal or nonverbal cues that seem to contradict each other, from another person. Typical reactions to this behavior are confusion, anger, and a willingness to cease communication with the person.
A friend tells you he wants to remain "just friends," and then proceeds to call you every day, text message you twice a day, and express how much he misses you on a regular basis.
by Matt April 9, 2005
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Confusing texts dat you send to others while you're drunk off your a** from imbibing mixed drinks.
If someone is "out on da town" for a night of hitting all da pibs, it might be good to turn off your cell phone and/or disregard any texts from said imbiber till sometime da next day, since he'll likely be sending you mixed messages during that period.
by QuacksO March 21, 2019
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A. when the true meaning of a text message is lost because they are using an iPhone touch screen, short cuts or auto-text, resulting in the recipeints confusion or utter bafflement.
a: trn for bow
b: huh?

once again she falls victim to text mixed messaging via his iPhone touch screen when he texts her about meeting later
by rose saylavie August 12, 2009
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Receiving messages through Facebook or Twitter from your current love interested who seems interested, to then receiving either no messages or blunt messages with no feeling or personality and alternating between the two. (Spin on phrase Direct Messages or 'DMs'
Boy 1: 'Yo, you been talking to Shanice lately?'
Boy 2: 'Yeah man but she's sending me Direct Mixed Messages again'
by PedroThorn July 4, 2015
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DEFINITION: When you aren't paying attention and accidentally text a sexually suggestive message (sext) to the wrong person on your blackberry!
APPLICATION: John was called into his boss's office this afternoon for a warning because of sending mixed messages to the mailroom department.
by don samson December 3, 2009
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when a text message can be interpreted in multiple ways according to the sanity level of the receiver. in this instance the person will either interpret the text as an insult or a dilusional compliment.
ryan: tonight was fun

interpretation 1: wow he didn't even use an adjective. just fun. not really fun. not hella fun. not astronomically fun. just fun. he doesn't like me anymore!asshole. i'm going to go slash my wrists.

interpretation 2: he thinks i'm fun! god i knew it! hes in love with me! i might as well start calling him my boyfriend because i think it's apparent: HE WANTS TO FUCK!!!!!

observing friend: wow fuck mixed (text)messages i will call this fucker up and see what hes trying to say

by katie cat :) January 16, 2009
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