In Terraria, a hoik is a sawtooth series of sloped blocks that cause the player to move rapidly in one direction due to a glitch.
A Hoik is the fastest way to travel in Terraria
by Windows Vista Ultimate July 19, 2020
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to lift or move an object
Just hoik it onto your back and put it into the shed.
by mikelangelno October 2, 2017
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Dragging, wagging, carrying an excess of gear, items, or luggage.
I was hoiking my luggage all the way to the train station.
by Sabreur1000 February 9, 2017
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The process of ejecting phlegm from ones mouth.
Hayley was seen hoiking on cars from the motorway overbridge
by MrDef July 7, 2010
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occurence of "hoik out" :

"They shaved all my hair off and then hoiked out half of my brain" (William Boyd, Ordinary thunderstorms- Bloomsbury p.382)
"He had hoiked The Dog out of the hole" (William Boyd, Ordinary thunderstorms -p. 390)
by Fried frog October 5, 2010
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