v. 1. To stare at the breasts or ass of a woman with out their knowledge. see also "learing"
Dude, don't oggle my moms tits.
by obie October 20, 2003
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A state of lust a man enters when in the company of any woman, due to the fact that he really does not see the woman before him. Since behind his dopey glazed over eyes he's putting the image of Jadah over the woman in his presence.
Barnie was oggling Betty but only because she became the mirror image of Jadahin his minds eye.
by Jadah February 05, 2005
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An idiot savant in pedagogy, frequently with an Italian last name, curly hair and pants pulled up to his navel.
That oggle could drone on for days about the calabresi penchant to evade taxes.

Joe De Luca is such an oggle. He can pontificate on the pre-war history of the comparative literature of Gordian vs. Windsor knots, but can't figure out how to shave his own face.
by Socrates73 April 22, 2010
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Sunglasses used to ogle ladies while going undetected. Also known as "Ogglers."
While at the beach, Parker became crestfallen when he realized he had left his oggle goggles in the hotel room.
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When a lady blocks an oggler from checking out her featers by placing an object in front of or turning at an angle to hide the view. This can also be done by hiding behind a man or other person standing near her. An oggle blocker can be a purse or overhanging shirt that covrrs her butt.
Oggler 1: "Hey. She's got a great front pair."

Oggler 2: "Yes. She is hot."

Oggler 1: "Wait for it...and...Oh no. Oggle blocked by her purse."

Oggler 2: "Ha! She saw you looking."
by Cyborg Johnny June 25, 2015
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