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The practice of leaving the country for the explicit purpose of engaging in sex.
"We're headed to Costa Rica because we heard that there is great opportunity for offshore drilling there."
by Srini Balasubrian July 16, 2008
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(Verb) the action of taking a shit in a woman or mans mouth while they are laying down...then getting on top of them and begin fucking their face...resembles off shore drilling due to the fact they are drilling through mud. If one ejaculates while drilling he can yell out "I've struck it rich!" then ejaculate in the eyes of the shit mouthed person..
i was so trashed last night at the bar so i brought home this war-pig and decided to do some off shore drilling. and yea i struck it rich!
by R to the izzo B to the 40 September 12, 2009
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The act of going to a different country (offshore) and partaking in sexual liaisons with the locals (drilling)


Partaking in sexual liaisons in the ocean or any natural body of water
Man 1: I don't get what the big deal about offshore drilling is.

Man 2: What do you mean?! Haven't you seen the effects of the oil spill?

Man 1: I think we are talking about two different things. I'm talking about going to Brazil and getting me some women. The effects of that oil spill could be much worse than the BP oil spill
by IBM-HAL November 22, 2010
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the act of engaging in sexual activities on a boat
Senator, it appears you have changed your position on Offshore Drilling - Howell Heflin
by eatthekidsfirst July 07, 2018
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1) John McCain supports offshore drilling, because he wants to increase the likelihood that he will one day be all up in Sarah Palin's ass.

2) If Bristol Palin had been more of an advocate for offshore drilling, she probably wouldn't have gotten knocked up.
by blosama September 07, 2008
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