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Said as one word, off-my-nuts means please get out of my grill, or out of my business, or leave me alone. Any synonym works. i.e., kindly extricate yourself from my testes.
Yo, seriously dude, get the fuck off-my-nuts. Or, Mrs. Smith, for the last time, I didn't do my math homework, so off-my-nuts. Or, Dad, I will clean my room later, off-my-nuts. Or even, Sally, I am sorry I stood you up, but you have got to stop hassling me--off-my-nuts.
by H-town May 16, 2006
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adj) Drinking alcohol to the point of excess with the aim of loosing complete control of ones actions. It is used as a description of the least desirable type of drunkeness, but is still very attractive to many.
Matt: "Here, have this pint of Batchwood Champagne"
Lizard: "Piss Off, I'll be off my nut after that!"
Matt: "Eeeeuuuuuurrrgggghhh!!!"

Sean: "Has anyone got any more Strongbow?"
Matt: "Mate are you sure? You've already had 6 and it's not even 5.30 yet"
Sean: "I know, I'm getting off my nut!"

Stu: "What were you playing at last night mate? You had your hand held to your neck, pretending you didnt have any vocal chords and had to use a voice box to speak! You had this one girl going for 45 mintues that you spoke like a villian from James Bond!"
Matt: "Shhhhhiit man, I was of my nut"
by funky_smyth June 22, 2006
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