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adj) Drinking alcohol to the point of excess with the aim of loosing complete control of ones actions. It is used as a description of the least desirable type of drunkeness, but is still very attractive to many.
Matt: "Here, have this pint of Batchwood Champagne"
Lizard: "Piss Off, I'll be off my nut after that!"
Matt: "Eeeeuuuuuurrrgggghhh!!!"

Sean: "Has anyone got any more Strongbow?"
Matt: "Mate are you sure? You've already had 6 and it's not even 5.30 yet"
Sean: "I know, I'm getting off my nut!"

Stu: "What were you playing at last night mate? You had your hand held to your neck, pretending you didnt have any vocal chords and had to use a voice box to speak! You had this one girl going for 45 mintues that you spoke like a villian from James Bond!"
Matt: "Shhhhhiit man, I was of my nut"
by funky_smyth June 22, 2006
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