Your larynx.

The part of the respiratory tract between the pharynx and the trachea, having walls of cartilage and muscle and containing the vocal cords enveloped in folds of mucous membrane.

The modified upper part of the respiratory passage of air-breathing vertebrates that is bounded above by the glottis, is continuous below with the trachea, has a complex cartilaginous or bony skeleton capable of limited motion through the action of associated muscles, and in humans, most other mammals, and a few lower forms has a set of elastic vocal cords that play a major role in sound production and speech called also voice box
Emcee: "You're all dirty toys with dirty socks and no choice but to suck. I'll battle all you nerdy boys and the bitches will flock, I'll crush you and your voice box."

Bystander: yo, my voicebox is sore from the concert. All that cheering and yelling.
by SpoR May 11, 2006
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The act of picking up a filthy tracheotomy slut from the local bar, taking her into the ally around back, and then penetrating the hole in her throat with your penis.
I met this bitch smoking in the bar, I took her around back and gave her the voice box vulture.
by Gusss July 08, 2006
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