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Alice In Chains

one of the best grunge bands there ever was
"Did you ever get to see AIC in concert?"
by H-town October 14, 2003
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old school converse shoes.

nowadays they have become a trend. pfsht.
"i need to get some new chucks, man."
by H-town October 14, 2003
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A very talented rapper from up in canada on the verge to success. along with another artist j-cruz who is also very talented.
Ex-centric is an up and coming success from the mean streets of hamilton
by H-town April 8, 2006
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Kurt Donald Cobain

best musician there ever was.
was lead singer in the band Nirvana
this upcoming april 5th it'll be the 10 - year anniversary of KDC's death
by H-town October 14, 2003
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supposed to look like the rock n' roll sign you make with your fingers.
\m/ ROCK ON \m/
by H-town October 24, 2003
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