Off the hook!like its predisessor, shizzle my nizzle, it is a friendly saying about somthing admired
Yo dat bitch is off da hissle for shizzle!

That girl is mighty fine looking, for sure!
by Nooch September 5, 2003
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A move in basketball when you toss the ball off of someone's head.
"Yo that baller just did an off the hizzle!"
by BallerPaladin April 20, 2005
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Yo Dawg! That chick I met in da club last night was off da hizzle fa shizzle!! She could suck da chrome of a 57 Chevy! Yo, check it out ma negro, she's got a friend that she wants to hook up with you!! So later on tonight, we will be hittin skins! It's gonna be off da hizzle cuz!
by DANTANA December 4, 2006
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Formerly pronoounced as, "Awf The Hizzle My Nizzle." now "Off da hizzle muh nizzle."
Was invented in the early 90's when a rapping street gang called MASON was being tracked by the FBI. They had recently been accused of a drug smuggle, and killing a former FBI agents mother. Their phones where taped as were their asses, the FBI had them on a liesh. So when they spoke, they used such "izzle" language incase the FBI was listening, and one day when they were at the court in trial for the drug smuggling, they were found NOT GUILTY, one man jumped up and said, FO SHIZZLE MUH NIZZLE< DIS IS OFF DA HIZZLE! WE WAS FIZZOUND NOT GUILTIZZLE< WHEN WE WAZZLE!". Not knowing that a former gang member was at that trial standing as jury, he heard and understood what that young man had said and called for a retrial, they are now serving 50 to life...and will hopefully be out in the 2030's.
"DIS BE's OFF DA HIZZLE NIZZLE! FO RIZZLE, my azzle isnt guiltizzle as of the momizzle, but not for lizzle..."
"This is off the hook nigger. For real. My ass isnt guilty as of this moment, but not for long."
-back in the 1700's-
"Thou art magnificent brotherly figure, of course. For thine isnt accused of such horror as of this moment, but thou will be guilty in later times.."
by yahomie November 27, 2003
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