4 definitions by DANTANA

That crazy dressed host of American Idol. The reality show that really started it all.
Ryan Seacrest was caught eatin' out Fantasia Barrino "during the break" because Fantasia really needed some votes to help her win.
by DANTANA July 10, 2006
"Yo K. Bizzle, ma dawg, I just bought a dime sack of some herbal. Dis is some good shit! Can you hit me with a 5 spot? Thanks dawg. Good lookin' out. Now lets find some hoes and party all night!"
by DANTANA April 21, 2007
Staten Island, NY. The borough ruled by punky little Italian Pizzans.
Yo bro, Give me the keys to your Monte Carlo so I can drive to Shaolin and pop that jagg-off who been sleepin with my Sister Gina.
by DANTANA May 27, 2006
Yo Dawg! That chick I met in da club last night was off da hizzle fa shizzle!! She could suck da chrome of a 57 Chevy! Yo, check it out ma negro, she's got a friend that she wants to hook up with you!! So later on tonight, we will be hittin skins! It's gonna be off da hizzle cuz!
by DANTANA December 4, 2006