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Lance armstrong had testicular cancer and lost one of his nuts. now his friends call him one nut
by Eric-B April 16, 2006
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The result of a fight with a switch knife, or the ex- after revenge.
dizeh has 1 nut
by ads0r September 11, 2003
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Similar to No Nut November but this time, you're allowed to do it ONE time only, do it twice and you lose!

NOTE: You can just not nut for the entirety of November but that is No Nut November and not One Nut November.

Where mortals become Demi-Gods and Demi-Gods become mortals!

In this challenge, you are allowed to nut only once in the month of November, doesn't matter when and where. just only one nut.
Bob: Hey Billy, are you doing No Nut November?
Billy: No, I already failed :(
Bob: Don't worry, you can still do One Nut November...
by someonewholostatnonutnovember November 6, 2018
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A guy that has one testicle that is undescended, or a guy that has had a nut removed due to testicular cancer.
That Mike Lowell is a one-nut wonder! (and his head is huge!)
by Elevcode November 23, 2005
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Usually a guy who has been through a lot making them superior in bed with ladies but not so great making babies, which makes them the happiest males.
That man with one nut looks so much happier than I feel.
by Big Slim Islander February 17, 2016
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An arrogant asshole who insults you during a conversation believing they are so intelligent that you did not pick up on it.
The manager at Jimmy’s porn shop symposium is such a Hubris’ one-nut bitch. He actually believed that I thought you used real horses in pony play.
by Bearman December 30, 2021
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