a street name for oxycontin when your talking on the phone next to your mom
BOB: hey the backer is in town with some cookies

BILL: what kind of cookies

BOB: Oatmeal Cookies
by S.O.H.O.N. March 15, 2008
uh, its a COOKIE made from OATMEAL. its not sex, or sodomy or anything like that you fucking fags!
i had a delicious oatmeal cookie from my cookie jar this morning.
by gunslingergervy_c_e July 26, 2006
The fond, pleasurable memories of your grandmother while engaging in sexual intercourse.
After several minutes of lackluster sex, the Warm Oatmeal Cookie flashed in Jonnie's mind.
by Wasthatabear March 19, 2017
The act of ingesting scat with a spoon while pleasuring oneself in a sexual manner.
I had the house all to myself last night, so I had the best oatmeal cookie of my life!
by BuddhaDave April 10, 2006
An extremely large areola on a plus sized girl that resembles an oatmeal raisin cookie, may also make u want to yell "Whoop Areola!!!"
What did her nipples look like???
Bout the size of an oatmeal raisin cookie.
by JFreshReed February 7, 2010
Exactly what it sounds like. Nothing sexual about it, you fucking retards. Tastes pretty great even if it doesn't sound that good, trust me on this.
I just had a tasty oatmeal raisin cookie from my cookie jar, it tasted great!
by DeltaGamerAlt October 7, 2019
Someone that you think likes you a lot, but they end up being a total blowoff.
Yeah, Jake was a major Oatmeal Raisin Cookie. He just all of a sudden stopped hanging out with me.
by skies September 2, 2009