Means no worries, used to quickly reply in text and instant message
person 1: gonna b a lil l8 matey!

person 2: nws! c u soon
by Hallyday March 13, 2013
no weird shit. used when your doing something and don’t want people to think your on some
weird shit.
dude1: i love you dude, but nws
dude2: i love you too, ofc ofc nws
by ahaha24 February 25, 2020
The National Weather Service in Detroit/Pontiac has issued a Tornado Warning in Wayne County....
by weatherman22 July 26, 2005
Stands for Not worth shit

Used on YTMND for rating a certain page, implies a negative rating.
That site's NWS, don't visit it, man!
by scytheblade69 December 9, 2007
1) NO WARNING SHOT Bristolish, British Thrash Punk hardcore band.

2)A strange tribe can be identified by the markings NWS tattooed on the inside of their bottom lip. Notorious for causing havoc and inciting violent riots.
1) YES MATTTTTEEE have you seen that 'NO WARNING SHOT' band yet. They're fierce !

2) That NWS crew are completely out of control
by Totch May 25, 2007
north west snowboards
One time i went to nws
by cody January 18, 2005
Acronym for Never Wanna See, a term used to describe those ugly chicks with bacne and such that you never wanna see naked.
Dude, that chick is NWS. Freaking nasty as hell.
by C Jizzle January 19, 2005