chatting abreviation for see you.
(see you later), (see you tomorrow), (see you when i see you)
later man.
-alright, see ya.
by easy. chill. :) August 31, 2003
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"See you." C = See, U = you.
"C U l8er allig8er!"
by Larzon May 2, 2016
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A penis viewed from the side. Best used in situations where emoticons are available, especially ones which have open mouths and are facing the right side of the screen (such as :o in Windows Live Messenger).

This symbol is similar to C=8 however it can prove challenging to make the latter appear on the correct angle for use in conjunction with emoticons.
Me: Help me come up with an example. I need at least 20 letters and 3 words.

*Sees following message* "___________ appears to be offline. Messages you send will be delivered when they sign in.'

Me: Fuck you!
Me: :o c=u
by Ben236 October 4, 2007
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a way to say that you can physically see someone.
walker: i c u
jared: u stalker
by bendyboy24 January 24, 2009
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c u o
It means "see you around".
like you would say to someone when you're about to leave an online conversation.
bigbadbootydaddy007: well g2g
cutiechick44: k
bigbadbootydaddy007: c u o
cutiechick44: byes!
by prettylady06 August 2, 2006
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the word c u c k. it means the girl has more power and it demeans them!
Girl a: did you see how Emili c u c k e d billy last night
Girl b: I know I heard it!
by Imnotyourgranpaanymore August 12, 2020
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