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1. A rural community in Upstate New York where 11 of every 10 people does drugs

2a. A town with a school district that is only good at wrestling and soccer, and a football team that gets a ridiculously hard schedule every year that they have no hopes of doing good in

2b. because all the kids on the team do drugs, and the football team gets boned
Situation 1

kid a: "hey dont you live in wayne county?"
kid b: "yea why?"
kid a: "got any bud?"
kid b: "dude just cuz i live in wayne doesent mean i smoke!"
kid a: "soooooo..."
kid b: "how much you lookin to buy?"
kid a: "dub"
kid b: "iight ile hook u up"

Situation 2

Canandagua kid A: "Hey looks like were playing wayne next week"
Canandagua kid B: "haha sweet we can sleep thru that game"
Canandagua kid A: "yea were a AAA school and there an A school there coach is stupid for scheduling us we've never lost"
Canandagua kid B: "yea thank god hes not our coach"
Canandagua kid A: "yea hahaha"
Canandagua kid B: "hahaha"
by canandaguakid456 July 10, 2008
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