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Nutes is a common slang term for plant nutrients. Nitrogen, phosphate and potassium (NPK) or any of the micro nuttrients, sulphur, calcium, magneseum and iron, etc..
Joe topped off the nutes in his hydroponic resevior.
by Buzzola May 17, 2006
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a slang term for nutria (large aquatic rat). also used as a deregatory dis toward others.
"whoa dude did you see that huge nute!"

"quit being a nute dude! let me borrow a dollar!"

"my parents are being nutes, i cant hang out tonight."

by nute_master March 02, 2007
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nute ('nüt, 'nyüt)

1. A pocket of intestinal gas that has been released back into the colon rather than expelled through the rectum.
2. An unsuccessful fart.
Trying desperately to alleviate her discomfort, Conchita nuted through the entire class.
by KBrooks August 02, 2005
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A dungeon master of fantasy baseball. Quite simply a fantasy baseball overlord. Any disrespect paid to a nute will be met with a mighty thrashing come H2H time. You hope your baseball league doesn't have a nute. Basically, if you're in a league with a nute just give him your money before Spring Training ends.
"This is only a ten-team league, I can't stand the idea of playing with a nute and only having three playoff spots to fight for. My team just isn't that good! (sounds of crying)"
by HalcyonDays March 05, 2010
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Something so crazy that you can't even type "nuts".
Sara: What the fuck's a nute?

Carena: Something so crazy, it's nuts.
by MichaelJJackson October 06, 2011
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Short for "nerdy cute". A girl who has a nerdish appearance, possibly wearing glasses and resembling a librarian. The trained male eye can see past the nerdiness and get straight to the potential for hotness. A man who finds a nute often feels like he has found a hidden treasure and will fanatsize about taking her out of her nerdy shell and turning her into a sex maniac.
The nute ties her hair in a bun and wears those dark-rimmed glasses, but most men can see how hot she really is.
by Slo Joe Jizz September 01, 2010
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A synonym for the slang "nuts" referring to the testicles of the male anatomy. It is usually used in insults typed by young boys patrolling the internet.
$up4d34th={lolz}=: how did u killme hacker
$up4d34th={lolz}=: i'l hackur computer give me ur email
$up4d34th={lolz}=: u guy suck nutes
by InsaneCoincidences May 01, 2010
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