Nutes is a common slang term for plant nutrients. Nitrogen, phosphate and potassium (NPK) or any of the micro nuttrients, sulphur, calcium, magneseum and iron, etc..
Joe topped off the nutes in his hydroponic resevior.
by Buzzola May 18, 2006
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a slang term for nutria (large aquatic rat). also used as a deregatory dis toward others.
"whoa dude did you see that huge nute!"

"quit being a nute dude! let me borrow a dollar!"

"my parents are being nutes, i cant hang out tonight."

by nute_master March 2, 2007
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Slang for "Nothing." Similar to the term nuttin', this particular colloquialism is believed to have originated from Holly Hill, a poverty-stricken area known for the under-educated residents, north of Daytona Beach, Florida.

First known use: 1975
Jeremy: Pa, you drank all my beer... Can you give me $5 so I can buy a 6-pack of Busch in a can?
Billy: I owe you nuting!
Jeremy: Dagnabit pa! You ain't good fur nuting!
by SiouxZQioux December 19, 2017
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nute ('nüt, 'nyüt)

1. A pocket of intestinal gas that has been released back into the colon rather than expelled through the rectum.
2. An unsuccessful fart.
Trying desperately to alleviate her discomfort, Conchita nuted through the entire class.
by KBrooks August 2, 2005
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A dungeon master of fantasy baseball. Quite simply a fantasy baseball overlord. Any disrespect paid to a nute will be met with a mighty thrashing come H2H time. You hope your baseball league doesn't have a nute. Basically, if you're in a league with a nute just give him your money before Spring Training ends.
"This is only a ten-team league, I can't stand the idea of playing with a nute and only having three playoff spots to fight for. My team just isn't that good! (sounds of crying)"
by HalcyonDays March 5, 2010
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Something so crazy that you can't even type "nuts".
Sara: What the fuck's a nute?

Carena: Something so crazy, it's nuts.
by MichaelJJackson October 7, 2011
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