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Noun. Mr. Nintendo. Sensei of the Video Game Dojo. One that is the Master of Nin-Ten-Do.
Shigeru Miyamoto is the guy behind the Mario and DK franchise.
by Bub September 29, 2004

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this word is slang for eulogy. it came to me from the best movie ever, Zoolander.
"I had to write the eugoogly for my great grandpa."
by bub March 08, 2005

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George Bush's way of saying nuclear
We have reason to believe that Iraq is storing nukular bombs.
by bub March 08, 2005

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1.Bad,crappy. 2.False.
1.The teacher gave me detention,that's so boosey!
2. That ugly girl said she's a model,that is so boosey.
by BUB May 10, 2003

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A dictionary containing every word and phoneme in every communication system that has ever existed.
Please refer to the uberdictionary when researching the relationship between the signals for "look out!" in both Australopithecus and the Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker.
by bub September 26, 2003

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the process where the male or female tosses a girls salad and follows that by barfing in her pussy
WOW Phil gave me a cold casey last night and there was so much barf in my snatch i couldnt fit my tampon in.
by BUB May 27, 2004

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An ex-spouse/partner/lover. From the reference to how many people, in a given place, a person has had relationships with that can be hit by swinging a dead cat.
I have slept with way too many people in this bar tonight... This is definitely a Dead Cat situation.
by Bub May 07, 2005

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