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What happens to something (or someone) that gets so utterly destroyed or blown up that, no matter what, cannot possibly be in any worse condition.

in other words, completely dicintigrated from existence.
player 1: dude, I used the shoop da whoop gun on it, and it disappeared.
player 2: u completely nuked it, dude.
by pr1nn13s September 07, 2009
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When someone disrespects someone else, either verbally or physically, just because they are from another state. Usually has to deal with northern states vs. southern states, like in the Civil War. Or if the person doing the disrespecting is from Texas.
Texan: I hate Pennsylvanians. Them and their damned ketchup. (Heinz Ketchup originated from Pennsylvania)

Pennsylvanian: Don't be a statesist, dude. Hate isn't kool.

Texan: Screw you.
by pr1nn13s September 16, 2009
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Most popular in games like Halo or CoD, noobtubbing is the act of overly using of the Brute Shot or Barrel-mounted grenade launcher, respectively.

Doing this, more often than not, makes other players dislike you, avoid you, or call you a noob.
a nuke: Dude, the only wep he uses is the brute shot.
A Prinny Dood: Forget him. He's just noobtubbing. Let's join another server.
by pr1nn13s September 07, 2009
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A word protaining to Nazi Zombies in CoD WaW, where someone gets instakill, but still (noobishly) manages to get killed by a large number of zombies while the powerup is still active.
CoD: Instakill!

Player: OMG I still died????

spectator: Dude, you just got an Instafail! you suck.
by pr1nn13s September 16, 2009
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