The sound one makes as they fire their laser.
Imma chargin' mah lazer!
Imma firin' mah lazer!
by /b/tard August 08, 2006
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1-Imma Chargin' Mah Lazers
2- Imma Firin' Mah Lazers
3- Shoop Da Whoop
5- Profit!
by CJDogger September 23, 2008
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-a term commonly used by texan geeks
- the sound one makes while falling
- used as a substitute for "pwnage" and the like

person 1: George Washington was born in 1730
person 2: actually, he was born in 1732....ohhhhh SHOOP DA WHOOP
by fransutt February 09, 2008
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The act of firing one's lasers, typically annihilating the victim completely, this term originated with the comical short flash film: "Syntax Error 2", and was made famous by the youtube film: "The Lazer Collection".
Shooping or Shooping Da Whoop, as it's known in verb tense, is done with an eccentric cartoon expression with bulging eyes and a wide gaping mouth. It's often known to be done at random.
Head of Common Mockery: "I am the head of common mockery. I will grant you three wishes."

Random Boy: " woa, is that true? Are you really gonna grant me three wishes?"

Head of Common Mockery: "No. My real purpose here is to FIRE MY LASERS, GAGHH!!!"*Shoop Da Whoop*
by Duexis September 02, 2007
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A Shoop da Whoop happens is when you concentrate a massive amount of win in your mouth(called chargin mah lazer), and then Releasing it via a laser beam(called FIRIN' MAH LAZER!). A Shoop da Whoop can also be canceled by putting something in the mouth of the charger, such as a Taco. This will result in the caster releasing a royal rainbow, and swallowing his own LAZER.(IMMA SWALLOWED MAH LAZER!)
IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZR! SHOOP DA WHOOP (launches Taco in mouth)

by Chris Khaleel October 20, 2008
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The moment on the event horizon of a Lazor at which critical energy mass has been reached, and makes the lazor no longer able to be swallowed. Thus, the lazor may no longer be turned into a royal rainbow, and the firin' of teh lazor is imminent. Occurs at the moment of the last syllable of the phrase "IMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR."
by TheMobiusMan August 27, 2009
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the process of FIRIN MA LASER.
Ok, you brought this on yourself!..... IMA CHARGIN MA LASER!.... IMA FIRIN MA LASER!.... SHOOP DA WHOOP!
by penguinman623 June 14, 2008
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