noun. A term of endearment for a significant other who is, figuratively speaking, as juicy as a chicken nugget.
"Let's have dinner at that hotel for our anniversary, nuggy."
by ericmarshall28 March 31, 2009
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when people lay their jobs onto someone,the stupid person who agrees to do it is a nuggy.a person to pick something you dont want to do?like cleaning the shit out of the toilet or picking the crusty's off an old womans flange?get the nuggy to do it.he wants to be popular and have mates so badly he'll gladly do it if he thinks you can be mates afterwards.
Hey gunther,come over here and clean my cesspit in the backgarden,i've only got a sponge and no gloves or mask,but you'll do it for a 'mate',wont you
by bossmanhugo January 3, 2005
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The nuggets at a fastfood chain you ask for 'fresh' made upon your request, except they are nuggets made before, re-cooked in the grease to make em' hot give em' that fresh look shine.

(Will most likely happen late nite)
Conversation (after placing and getting fast food order) :

Person 1:"Shei, dese ain't nuggets, they gave me nuggis', extra hot chrisphy shiny dry."

Friend's reply: "Cheap muthuh fhuckahs"
by Javier Consuelo February 2, 2013
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A form of punishment used to assert dominance in a social structure, usually given when a lower person does or says something stupid or annoying. It consists of rubbing of the knuckles hard against the skull to cause moderate pain. Usually the head is held stable with the weaker arm, and the nuggie is given by the stronger arm.
Scarlett tackled her younger brother, grabbed him by the head and gave him a nuggie.
by abcd1234 July 21, 2005
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a nuggy is the act of rapping your arm around the neck of someone, locking there head so they cant move. Then using the knuckles on your other hand, you digg them into there head, rubbing up and down back and forth on there head, just for the humour of there pain.
stanno- " Fuckin ger'ere now ya little shit. Fartin in our car, gunna fuckin nuggy ya, fuckin gay."
by fresh prince of bellend April 15, 2009
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