Unusually beautiful girl with a unique sense of humor. Can make a man weak at the knees with one smile. She is often sarcastic and has a fiery temper but ferociously protective of those she loves. Prefers long terms relationships and is always loyal. Extremely sexy and sexual but not willing to compromise morals. Often mistaken for moody due to her sensitive nature. Passionate and blazing, she exudes raw emotion and mystery. Hard to get, but once she is your, she is yours for life.
"Damn, you see that chick?"
"Shei for sure"
by Facts of life 101 May 16, 2013
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Sheys are sometimes different they come from very different family's and sometimes don't have the best life but are definitely a keeper someone that would make jokes have a fun time a shey is a fun person to be around and a great partner
Damn have you seen shey lately shey all around a good person
by A man that's stan November 12, 2019
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an object, person or style that is considered unique and indifferent. Often one uses this word as an extreme measure of coolness and swag.
I like your socks, they're pre' shey.
by kathyryn IC @ T I-I Y December 3, 2012
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The prettiest and kindest person you'll ever meet.
She's such a shey.
by Jabolin June 8, 2021
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Oh! I've never met someone like you before, you are shey.
by Jabolin June 8, 2021
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is a type of person that's just a total lad/lass. A Shey always have a nice arse and is abnormally tall.
Kayleigh + Kadie: ''Oh hello, you're looking good today!''
Matthew:''Thanks, i've decided that i'm from now on going to be a Shey.''
by bluefootprints December 2, 2011
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