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a european pop-artist whose videos on youtube are halariously entertaining. All of his songs are about sex. He occasionally sings a verse or two, and throws in the occasional oh yeah, while the sunshine girls sing most of the songs. He pronounces his name "ginter". He has the best mullet/mustache combo ever.
Person 1- That guy has the best mullet i've ever seen.
Person 2- Wait till you see Gunther
by KPstlstyle December 20, 2007
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the most amazing guido of them all. Champagne, glamour, sex, and respect
Günther wants you to touch his tralala.....mmmm ding ding dong
by dionysius June 28, 2004
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pron GUN-TER(noun) 1) a whore, slut , tramp etc
2) treat a girl as if she was a slut, whore etc (gunther her out = treat her like a prsotitute and tell ur friends about it)

Gunther originated in Coney Island by underground rapper Nems and his Fuck Your Lyfe Team! look them up on youtube
Nick: yo is that your girl?

Chris: yea why?

Nick: yo shes a gunther! she was messing wit Nems yesterday and he slutted her out
Chris: really?? Damn!!
by ItzSuBBaBy October 11, 2011
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A European Pop artist who insists on cranking out awful videos of him saying a few words while his backup singers (The Sunshine Girls) go "La, La, La" in the background the entire time. He has a small moustache, and a mullet-esque hairdo. His Videos are not exactly music, but not exactly pornography either. His website is His motto is "Sex, Respect, Glamour, and Champagne",
Gunther: Let's sexualize the world!
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A Swedish singer who's music videos are 20% relevant and 80% softcore porn. He is the man all other men know as "the guy who has fucked a thousand pussies".
Gunthers most famous song is the Ding dong Song (Touch my Tralala)
by Dark Night Enforcer January 27, 2015
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A leader amoung men, a shark amoung minnows. You can tell from a far hes got the biggest penis in any room. But behind his muscularity and bulding bisepts is a massive teddy bear thats willing to tend to a womans ever need. Who strives to please his women friend, In ever way. Women oragasim at the sight of him, sometimes he wheres masks to prevent women from following him home and forcing themselves on him. These are only some of great qualities of gunther.
*hot chick* "omg look its gunther" *organisms
by To be the not to be April 15, 2019
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