To have sex with or to fight
"I really want to dog you right now"

"I'll really dog you bruh catch me outside"
by hitter925 January 25, 2017
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A scenario which is used in a fighting tone, and gaming which is like saying ill beat you or someone else will depending who is said before "dog"
by WordsaRWords March 8, 2018
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chase you, fuck you up, run you off, bitch your ass
yo white sugar, get off my spot or my man will dog you off.
by WarlockKrill February 18, 2014
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A completely ironic phrase commonly used to define someone who does something mildly cool or impressive. This phrase should never be used seriously, as it ruins the joke, and makes you look retarded.
Lil cheggos, you sly dog you!
by DudeishBroski November 14, 2018
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Active term for “Dog Walk

Dog Walk: Kick someone’s ass, give them an ass whoopin

2. When you’re beating someone’s ass so bad it is as if you are dragging them around like a dog
I know you keyed my car Sarah and the next time I see you Imma straight up dog walk you!

Don’t talk shit to the bouncer dude, he’s 6”6 280 he will dog walk you
by AllThat1994 January 21, 2019
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Cardi B and the world dog walked you.

Tomi Lahren asked that everyone look up “dog walk you” and no results showed. So I made up one. I hope this is good enough for her.

Cardi B’s next single is about to dog walk all over you.

Tomi lahren is playing victim over the possibility of being dog walked.
by Dog Walker January 20, 2019
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