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A Retard.
Someone that can't integrate properly in society.
Someone that has a very low IQ usually due to learning disabilities of no fault of their own as opposed to a ning-nang or general idiot who is stupid because they never engaged their brain or tried to learn anything.
Used in a derogatory way to describe idiots who behave as if they never received an education or to decribe a person who behaves in a way that contradicts their IQ level.
The bus was full of nuff-nuffs going to special school.
The guy was a complete nuff-nuff.
by Lincoln Green October 17, 2007
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a friendly way of calling someone an idiot
"Hey Sal, you nuff nuff, what did you do that for?
by wal May 23, 2005
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Nuff Nuffs are the chavs or charvs (as they say in the north) of Australia. They are the scum of society, wearing their Nike caps at a 90 degree andgle with their tracksuit bottoms tucked into their shit dirty socks & their matching tracksuit tops. They all tend to chain smoke from the age of 4 (5 if they are late bloomers) and the females are all pregnant by 14.
you dirty fucking Nuff Nuff, Hey! You! You Shitty Nuff Nuffs! Stop having sex in the bus stop!
by Charv Hater 123 January 04, 2009
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a word used to describe a toothless deroish doll bludging collingwood scum that have no brain what so ever and scream jibberish crap at the football that is totally pointless. Kevin sheedy rightly so appointed these collingwood supporters 'nuff nuffs' for thier lack of intelligence. nuff nuffs and born nuff nuffs..

joffa is king nuff nuff, who has saved every spare cent from the doll to make that stupid yellow jacket of his. dero....

nuff nuffs are mainly found under rocks....... in gutters, pubs, outside the g and at centerlink, you can usually spot nuff nuffs wearing pyjamas and moccies.
stupid cunts.
As keven sheedy quoted, "how are we sposed to kick goals wtih 5000 nuff nuffs behind the goals"
by LS1 June 11, 2006
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Another way of saying "enough said". Can be used for literal meaning, or just to piss off the person you just killed in Halo.
Kid no one likes: "im gon' kick yo ass in sum ping pong bishhh!"
Cool kid: "i beat you 12 times in a row. Nuff Nuff."
by AWWT July 18, 2011
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you've all seen them at some stage in your lives.
they're those freaky old guys who run up to you in the middle of the city, stinking of alcohol and/or faeces, either mumbling about the end of the world or screaming obscenities or urging you to listen to their jokes.
typical physical features include a lack of teeth, grotty clothes, a bottle in a brown paper bag, shifty eyes and possibly a mutt at their heels
a group of people are walking down the street, approximately 11pm when a nuff-nuff staggers up to them and slurs:
"wwhhhy did the sshhjelly bean wanna go to sshhhkool?"
amused grins and shrugs all round
"cos he wanted to be a SMARTY!! RAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA"
nuff-nuff runs away, gibberish with excitement.
by shmal November 07, 2005
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