n: a thing (sing.), (plur. - nubbses); (amb.) a name to call another, though because it is neither positive nor negative, the target of the name-calling is rarely offended, which is why the moniker is most often used among friends
Upon seeing him enter the room, Richards approached Byrne, patted his shoulder welcomingly and said, "Hey, nubbs."

Bainz said the restaurant was a nubbs.
by wount September 20, 2019
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a sketchy creeper who hides in bushes and stalks everyone
"omg nubbs is staring at you again"

by nubbslover December 14, 2009
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A.K.A. "Crazy nubbs" Created in NY, this term is used for a person who is missing the tip of their fingers.
"dude, that guy just waved at us. ANd he had no end to his finger!"
"haha, nubbs just totally failed to flip us off"
by B-rizzle Jizzle October 11, 2007
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1.)nubb - to ignore or reject; fail to acknowledge
2.)nubbing - the act of ignoring
3.)nubbed - having been rejected
1.) That guy is a total ass, you should nubb him.
2.) I'm nubbing him because he is an ass.
3.) I can't believe she just nubbed me. What did i do?
by Shanlyn May 20, 2008
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someone who is annoying and always following you around. tries to embarrass you but you always get them back. even though they are very frustrating you still love them (hopefully).
my little brother is such a nubb, but I love him anyway.
by lfbxo July 2, 2012
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annoying nerdy tall nubbish
kim is such a nubb, she talks forever
by yotsontots January 13, 2010
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A tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny penis. Think 'stubb' or 'stump,' but much thinner.
That guy is a total nubb! His hat is on sideways! Still!
by LVX August 16, 2006
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