Sam Winchester was a great fuck, but I'm pretty sure that I'm going to die because I had sex with him.
by milkywaygalaxygirl November 27, 2016
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The Great Fuck U is what happens to a male when hormones act up it’s annoying as shit a male will be horny or mad all the time and it usually lasts one month and happens every few months. The Great Fuck U also boosts sex drive but it also makes the musk a man gives off more radiant and noticeable. The Great Fuck U is something that no man likes but you should be patient with him when he suffers this because he will be in horrible moods or horny moods and sometimes both.
Man 1: It’s that time again.
Man 2: you don’t mean.
Man 1&2:The Great Fuck U!
by NubsTheScrub December 9, 2019
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what I would say because I dont fucking care anymore.
he tricked me into thinking he was gonna be there always but he was nothing but a fake.
Quote 'thats fucking great.' good for the medal.
by UdaFaggette May 24, 2008
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When someone screws you over and within a short amount of time gets screwed over as well.
That ass clown hit my car, and tried to drive off. A cop pulls him over a half mile away and tickets the jackass for hit and run. Welcome to the great circle of fuck.
by krusty123 May 30, 2010
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A fat ass rolly polly fuck face who likes shaking hands too hard and grabbing womans private parts.

He used to be in a tv show that probably hightened the number of fat ass perverts like him. What a cunt. What a slag.

Our beautiful fucking president.
All worship Donald Trump our great fat ass fuck faced president
All fuck up and shit on your nazi asses! HAil the church of the supreme donald and the support from the church of scientology. mental health
dosent exist dum asses.
by LikeDAtAssSHit October 1, 2019
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