1. A nudy pic usually sent with a cell phone.
by bladehadley March 11, 2010
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3 dicks in the ass
3 dicks in the pussy
3 dicks in the mouth


6 dicks in the ass
2 dicks in the pussy
1 dick in the mouth

by fuckyouyoufuckinfuck September 10, 2004
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Excellent slaying of the goblin horde with only a level 2 dagger, Chester. +10 NP
by NeptuneLord May 11, 2020
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Person 1: can you help me clean up?
Person 2: yes!
Person 1: thank you!
Person 2: np!
by BriLila9891 July 15, 2015
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short for 'new pussy', a girl you have not previously banged. a discrete way of talking about banging new girls without giving it away. the object of many wagers between friends.
Bo is having a career year NP year, he's banged over 10 girls this year alone!
I bet you $200 I get NP before you do.
by TheHypeKid September 30, 2005
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