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To be high, intoxicated, or tripping.

To be rambling on while high.
To describe someone who is mentally gone/unstable
Dude, I’m noZZED as fuck right now.

Wanna get noZZED?

Bro, he’s noZZED for sure.
by DaFreakIzHere January 27, 2018
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to be done over, to do oneself over, to make a tit of ones self, to slap oneself in the face with his|her own foot, to soil ones pants or generally make a massive mistake in any context.
mate- i've just nozzed myself!
oh shit- i ve nozzed my pants, oh shit ive locked myself out- nozzed mate!!
terds! ive just kicked myself in the face!- NOZZED! NOZEDARRRR!
by john shakeshaft April 06, 2007
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