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a bizzare sexual organ developed by certain cults around west yorkshire it comprises of a small flap of skin resembling a 'post it' note, this ca be rolled up to be shoved inside a woman/man (whatever takes your fancy), have a slit cut in it to become a vagina or rubbed as a weird way of masturbation
first guy:he has a notepad
second guy:he's called daryl
both:hah hah hah hah hah
both:big headed bastard!
by stoneth November 03, 2004
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fucking ace tool used by doctor who, it is used for finding secret panels,opening doors,controlling electronic equipment. useful in a crisis
me: Doctor were trapped
DOCTOR:dont worry stan i'll use my sonic screwdriver
me: eurgh you dirty bastard
DOCTOR:no the other one
me: oh sorry good idea
by stoneth June 23, 2005
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