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When your taking a piss in a urinal and there are plenty of urinals to either side of you and someone walks in and starts pissing in the urinal right next to you and making you feel really uncomfortable, they are being a nosy neighbor. They can also make it even worse by making small talk with you, or even go so far as taking a peek at your junk.
Keith: So, the other day, I was pissing in an empty bathroom and in walks Mr. McClain and he pulls a nosy neighbor on me!

Beauford: Oh that sucks man.
by slutbaby March 30, 2011
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The art of doing a girl from behind (doggy) in the dark. You then quickly switch with another guy so she doesn't notice. You then run outside and wave to her from the window.
My friend Marc wanted me to be his girlfriend's nosy neighbor.
by Brian Bo October 19, 2006
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A nosy neighbor is one who constantly wants to see what one is doing. A nosy neighbor will peek over another's fence even if the fence is 8 ft. high. A nosy neighbor comes out only when one is outside and always talks for hours about themselves and asks weird questions. A nosy neighbor is often seen sporting binoculars, and is always ready to annoy and pry. A nosy neighbor also tries to upstage your gardening and destroys your flowers and herbs at night.
Omg. The nosy neighbor is outside again. I think the nosy neighbor is destroying my flowers again.
by Seaweed the Rapper April 02, 2015
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this is when you pull aside the thong strap with one finger and dive into the muff face first. picture old lady peeking out the blinds.
i'm glad i wore my thong today because he said he wants to give me the old "nosy neighbor" tonight!
by groupie#1 September 22, 2006
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