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When your taking a piss in a urinal and there are plenty of urinals to either side of you and someone walks in and starts pissing in the urinal right next to you and making you feel really uncomfortable, they are being a nosy neighbor. They can also make it even worse by making small talk with you, or even go so far as taking a peek at your junk.
Keith: So, the other day, I was pissing in an empty bathroom and in walks Mr. McClain and he pulls a nosy neighbor on me!

Beauford: Oh that sucks man.
by slutbaby March 30, 2011

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When you take a shit and you pass it easily with no effort, but it still remains a solid, and it feels incredible, like an orgasm for your asshole. Can usually be achieved by lifting your arms in the air when you poop. Comes out in a snake like form
Henry: "I just took a HUGE poop. It was sooo relaxing. I felt incredible"

Zakk: "Oooh tell me more! What type was it?"

Henry: It was a Tennessee slider!"
by slutbaby October 09, 2010

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This is the cousin of the dingleberry , this happens after masturbation. It is when a globule of your jizz gets onto your cock bush and you forget about it. Later, it dries up into a ball and can go unnoticed for a while, unless you take a shower.
Zakk: Dude, at camp, I rubbed off some knuckle children and got a nasty farkleberry.

Henry: ohh god, don't you guys only have showers, like, once a week?

Zakk: Yeah it was disgusting.
by slutbaby January 26, 2011

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When all you hear on friday is an endless onslaught of rebecca black jokes, and it drives you insane, that is a black friday.
bob: how was your day? did you have a good friday?

keith: no it was terrible. i had a black friday
by slutbaby April 19, 2011

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