v., to not show up. Basically it's the verb form of the noun phrase "no show".
He noshowed for band practice... AGAIN...
by Neven Mrgan January 18, 2003
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Spurious claim made by a recalcitrant party that an impasse results from past-actions of another party when that other party is open to new attempts.
-- So she thought he lacked fomo.

-- Yeah, but, really, he was nogo.

-- And now he's all for not pretext-dwelling on past-cases, but she still takes an obstructionist noshow position.
by sukadog April 14, 2011
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Usually an acquaintance or friend that promises to visit you and friends for social events like Clubs, beaches, restaurant meet and greets, or just chilling at a friend's house only to constantly procrastinate and never show up. They also are known to get angry at inviting friends and exclaim "Why don't you guys ever visit me where I'm at?" as a week counter.
Shy: Hay Loni, are you actually coming to the party on June 15th or gonna just say you are or not show up?
Loni: I'll totally show girl.
(The day of June 15th)
Shy: Really Loni, are here yet?

Loni: (from comfyness of her bed not getting up) I'm on my way chill girl.
(9am June 15th)
Shy: Loni WTF, you said you were coming but you didn't even show up late. Why do you always not show up when you say you will? At least tell use you can't make it and have an excellent excuse to back it up!
Loni: Why the hell don't you guys ever visit me? Why the hell should I go?
Shy: Cause you live in someplace in Tennessee not in Florida. Why the fuck don't you do what you say you will?
Loni: Fuck you guys why don't you visit me?
Shy: Because your a fuckken Procrastinatory Noshow! You don't even link with us anymore!
by Shockdragon September 16, 2018
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To he able to pull a girl without even needing to reveal yourself
I don’t even know what Frankie looks like and I still like him, he definitely has noshow rizz
by Fruka05 June 16, 2022
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When a show gets cancelled or gets banned, it can be your favorite or not your favorite.
by TheHippoBLT January 13, 2015
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