26 definitions by sukadog

Someone mistaken for having a large carbon cockprint, but who desires union with his muse, and would be ill-thought-of or endure public humiliation to accomplish as much.
-- So, as to be expected, the peanut-gallery dismisses his efforts as creating a large carbon cockprint -- as only motivated by gratification, as unable to see any other dignity or value in his efforts.

-- Yeah, but really, he's a Manchester.

-- Meaning his muse is flat-chested, like a man, but he loves her anyway?

-- No, and, she's not, but, rather, that 'chester' comes from 'castor,' which is Latin for camp, and 'castor' is also connected to 'beaver' which is a euphemism for vagina, so that 'Manchester' is both a man's anal cavity, and signifies that he loves his muse so-much as like that SNL character who assumed a pose of being gay so-as to be her roommate, so-as to be with her.

-- Ah, so he would even be thought to be a 'Manchester,' (or a-hole then), in the hope that he'll get to meet her.
by sukadog April 22, 2011
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Short for Manchester United, which means, for a man who has sojourned long, and endured much, even to be thought to be a Manchester, to be finally united with his muse.
-- So, after being mistakenly thought to be all about the carbon cockprint, he endured being a Manchester.

-- Yeah, and now that he'll hook-up with his muse he'll be a Man-U.
by sukadog April 22, 2011
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Thinly-veiled and middling-attempt to disguise sexual-history.
-- Granted, Beit Shammai says on a wedding-day you tell the truth, whereas Beit Hillel says you flatter, and we do the latter, but, how to understand Kate Middleton wearing a white-dress at her wedding when she has been living with William for years?!

-- Well, just like in an attempt to hide a small penis, lack of hymen, or embarrassing VD-scars, look at it as a pubic-comb-over.
by sukadog April 24, 2011
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Less cone-ventional than cone-love, rod-love is more basic, elemental, and riveting a condition, presenting complete bewitchment.
-- Whenever he beholds her his heart eats itself out, his brain and central nervous system go into a state-of-shock, and all his rods go crazy.

-- I thought it was a mere infatuation.

-- No, I fear he has full-blown rod-love for her.
by sukadog March 24, 2011
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Immobility induced by fear of some trick based on false or inconsistent representations in an offer.
-- So John didn't go; I thought he had more fomo?!

-- No, he has fomo, but, his was a SEPARATE consideration -- as that it was the merest accident that he heard of the party, he couldn't square its generosity with it capriciousness, and so doubted what should be done.

-- Ah, he was nogo then.
by sukadog April 14, 2011
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Ontario, as referenced in Premier Dalton McGuinty lamenting that he couldn't give a pony to every resident child.
-- Did you hear what they're saying on Parliament Hill to the newly arriving Western caucus?

-- No.

-- Why would you leave a PONY province, to come to a NON-pony province?! It doesn't make any sense!!
by sukadog May 15, 2011
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Spurious claim made by a recalcitrant party that an impasse results from past-actions of another party when that other party is open to new attempts.
-- So she thought he lacked fomo.

-- Yeah, but, really, he was nogo.

-- And now he's all for not pretext-dwelling on past-cases, but she still takes an obstructionist noshow position.
by sukadog April 14, 2011
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