describing getting ones cock (or vagina) sucked by a girl/boy who performed the oral sex 'with all her heart & soul' and made a right meal of it. Cant get enough of cock sex...

Derivative from 'Nosh', British slang for food.
Pauline gave me a right good proper 'noshing' last night, she swallowed the lot

i was up late last night getting a good 'noshing' from the Mrs

She looks horny, i bet she well loves a good noshing
by SCoupland July 5, 2006
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to snack on
I've been noshing all day.
Stop your noshin', you won't want to eat dinner.
by Nosher May 25, 2003
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Frequently used in Australia as slang for "No shit"
"Oh wow you dyed you hair!"
"yeah nosh"
by graybdolan January 15, 2017
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Maybe sometimes looked at as a blowjob/oral sex
Husband says: any chance of a Nosh dear

Wife replies: No Nosh
by buzzinbeeny April 10, 2008
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Yiddish word meaning "to snack."
"Are you ready for dinner?"
"Nah, I'm just gonna nosh and eat a real meal later."
by _|3\/\/ h4x0r September 22, 2004
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p1: that chicks hot

p2: nosh
by bogeyrangers November 23, 2019
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