To have a man or woman continuously stick their nose in your vagina
My boyfriend came over and nose fucked me
by Ric082 January 12, 2015
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To repeatedly stick your nose into or around a womans vagina.
To penetrate your nose with your finger over and over until a gooey fluid emerges.
"...My tongue got sore so i nose fucked her instead"
"*Sniff Sniff* i need a nose fuck"
by Community Serve Ice October 12, 2005
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the act of making yourself sneeze by sticking something really long up your nose.
i was congested so i used this pen for some nose fucking.
by baby mac-11 clips September 29, 2007
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The act of sticking your nose up a ass or pussy.
Man 1:"I heard nose fucking is pretty fun."
Man 2:"yeah it's pretty fun."
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Nosey person sticking there ore in where it ain’t wanted
by Jo peep June 6, 2018
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To stick your prostate up a womens nose repeatedly until you ejaculate out of her tear gland in her eye
"Snort snot.. AHhh me oho that is one harsh nose fuck!"
by saucy cream cheese bedroom April 30, 2006
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Where you tape the tip of your nose up to expose your nostrils (to look like a bat/pig) and give someone a rimjob with your nose.
"So what did you and Sadie get up to? Heard she's freaky."
"Man, she tried to give me a bat nose fuck. I would've preferred to be pegged."
by Honeymoon69 July 2, 2021
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