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the verbal equivilant of the "wink" or "nudge". should be said in a flirty tone, with emphasis on the "ho".
Boy: It's my birthday.
Girl: Oho.

Susan: I think I like this boy..
Jennifer: OHO! Tell me more.
by chloeandcaoimhe August 21, 2008
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OHO standing for One/ Handed/ Operator/...this is basically a short term used for describing the famous but usually unnoticed actions of using a pissing terminal (urinal) one handedly while using your other hand for various tasks such as texting, making phone calls, holding a beverage and/or drinking from it, and such simple things as scratching your head.
Guy1: Dude are you seriously texting while doing that?
Guy2: Well yeah whats wrong with that?

Guy1: Well thats realy wierd bro.
Guy2: Naww very common im just an OHO
by s1a2l1o9k9i4n July 20, 2010
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Negative or derogatory term for a female from Oakland, CA. However, like the term, "nigga", it can be used as a term of friendship, recognition or camaraderie, if used between females on good terms, to denote the fact that they are from the same hometown.
"That bitch is just a stupid O-Ho' who think she knows what's shit. She aint never even bin' across the damn bridge!"

"Oh-my-god-girl! Look at you! What's my O-Ho doin' here in New York?!"
by NO'HC September 24, 2008
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a high school party where basically anyone is welcome and there’s normally drinking and music
“there’s an oho at syd’s this weekend
by Schmello! November 03, 2018
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