norton antivirus slows down my computer significantly more than McAfee which is bad, the parent company should be wiped off the face of the earth...
by extreme133 June 12, 2010
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a piece of fucking ballsucking ass raping butt licking vagina smelling piece of dog anus penitrating narwald ass fingering piece of shit that does nothing and warns of viruses that cannot be ridden.
Norton Antivirus Finished scanning my computer. "Found 7 Viruses"
To get rid of them upgrade to pro
Worst piece of ass licking cunt fucking shit.
by Mr.Anonymouz June 19, 2011
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Norton Antivirus is the pinnacle of stupidity and annoyance. First developed with the intention of making its users reach the peak of insanity.

It comes installed with your newly bought PC, which already makes your PC worthless.

Even when "uninstalled", it intends to hide in your registry just to scare the living shit out of you when your PC crashes.

Worst program ever created. Takes up too many resources on your PC. Whoever this Norton guy is, I hope he's dead.
Sorry, you have to pay for Norton Antivirus to supposedly protect your PC, which is obviously BS.
by BBoy Preacher November 30, 2008
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A scam that is completely ineffective at defending your computer from an MBT.
Person: MBT incoming!
Tank: (shoots 105mm armour piercing round at computer, annihilating it)
Person: Damn... I should have known that Norton Antivirus sucked.
by hello your computer has virus November 18, 2021
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A scam that has been scientifically proven ineffective for countering a Main Battle Tank (MBT) attack.
Script Kiddie: H4h4 N0rt0n 4nt1v1ru5 15 d4 pWnz0rs!
MBT: Norton Antivirus sucks. Prepare to die. (Fires 105mm armour piercing shell)
Script Kiddie: N0000OO0000000OOO0!!!1111!!!11111!!!11!11 M41 C00MP00T3R
by hello your computer has virus November 18, 2021
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One of the best anti-virus programs ever WHEN USED CORRECTLY.
Bave: Norton Antivirus is crap!
Sam: Thars because its the old version...and your computer isnt plugged in...and you created that virus yourself...
by Choo-Choo McGrew December 18, 2006
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