When a man’s meat and two veg braces for the impact of a cold endeavor such as jumping into a swimming pool. This phenomenon causes the scrotum to contract and the penis to retract upward and straighten out thus mimicking an M1A1 Abrams Battle Tank.
Dude Brandon and Jesse were swimming in the ocean all day, you could see their battle tanks from the balcony.
by Richard Moose March 9, 2018
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A thick, busty girl with a hard personality. Also see Swamp Donkey.
by James February 24, 2003
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When you simulataneously jerk off two guys at once, using their joysticks in a similar fashion to the 1980's video game of the same name.
I walked in to my girlfriend's dorm room and she was playing tank battle with two guys from the hockey team.
by ChillWill October 10, 2013
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