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A painful sensation caused by the rubbing of knuckle, fist, or hand to ones head. Generally causing hair displacement and mild cursing.
"Oh man, National Noogie Week is coming up! I'd better run so Sarah doesn't catch me in the middle of her mad noogie spree. Otherwise mass destruction of my hair follicles and/or scalp will occur!"
by Rocked_Socks January 14, 2004
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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the act of rubbing one's knuckles on a person's head so as to produce a mildly painful sensation
by Anonymous September 23, 2002
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a painful rubbing of the scalp with the knuckles
He tried to give my friend a noogie and got in trouble for it.
by Light Joker December 18, 2004
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"Noogie, noogie, noogie," was screamed by the protestors when the cops exerted violent behavior while placing them under arrest.
by john2 July 29, 2008
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Gods gift to the devil, the worst punishment Earth can provide.
Judge-You killed 72 people, i sentence you to 45 years of pure noogies.

Criminal-NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Please give me death.
by jbn/gstache duo May 03, 2007
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Noun - A name for someone (usually a female) who is unpleasant and repulsive in appearance. Noogies tend to be unaware of the fact that they have unattractive features and act as if everyone is jealous of them.
Guy 1: Dude....Noogie just sent me a friend request on Facebook.

Guy 2: Haha thats gross.
by Tobysmith September 03, 2011
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