Common internet slang for the word 'nude'.

Also seen as noodz, n00d, and n00dz.
Oh man you gotta look at this! Megan sent me a nood last night!
by mushaboom April 25, 2008
1. The rawest, purest display of one's mood.
2. Uninhibited (i.e. naked) expression of what's on your mind
3. Plain pasta, that is, pasta noodles without sauce or dressing.
4. An alternate way to spell "nude," particularly used on the internet to avoid search traffic.
1. Last month, she acted wildly nood.
2. He makes more nood remarks during his speeches than any other politician in history.
3. Can I have a bowl of nood?
4. There are nood websites hidden all over the internet.
by acdcernie March 13, 2017
A dude, in the Lebowskian sense, who you would expect to be good at video games but is decidely not. In short, a combination of dude and noob.
You're cool, but you're really messing with my game stats nood. Stop getting pwnd by all these noobs already.
by DudemanBKNYC November 17, 2010
A sweatshirt without a hood. Often called a noodie.
Hey brah, like my new nood? I got it at the Salvation Army for 63 cents.
by bougeconnard December 15, 2010
Someone who should know what they are doing but ends up being dumber then a nood.
Jason Gornell, the nerd from computer programming class, is really a big NOOD!
by PNJ March 9, 2004
New Objects Of Desire-NOOD
A great new chain of home furnishing, lifestyle, stores from New Zealand. Opened in Vancouver BC and expanding across Canada and eventually into the USA. A nice alternative to IKEA and the prices are great, selection is great. Become a noodist and save 15% on every purchase. Their quarterly 50% off everything sale is gaining lottsa of attention and kudos!
Lets get to nood to drop a load...of cash.
by butchleo February 5, 2009