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Common internet slang for the word 'nude'.

Also seen as noodz, n00d, and n00dz.
Oh man you gotta look at this! Megan sent me a nood last night!
by mushaboom April 24, 2008
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a really cool cam site ran by a model usually with tv after it.
I love watching girls do creative stuff on
by noodlette June 08, 2018
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A dude, in the Lebowskian sense, who you would expect to be good at video games but is decidely not. In short, a combination of dude and noob.
You're cool, but you're really messing with my game stats nood. Stop getting pwnd by all these noobs already.
by DudemanBKNYC November 17, 2010
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Someone who should know what they are doing but ends up being dumber then a nood.
Jason Gornell, the nerd from computer programming class, is really a big NOOD!
by PNJ March 08, 2004
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