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1. (v.) the act of engaging a nuclear attack and/or otherwise the instantaneous destruction of the universe by substituting the typical explosive warhead with a Nokia.
2. (n.) a Nokia that serves the purpose of a nuclear warhead; can be disguised as a normal phone.
***can also be used as an expression where otherwise inappropriate.
Do you even noke, North Korea?

Tactical noke! inco--

Go noke yourself faggot. Noke me irl.

I want a Samsung Galaxy Noke 3.

"We now have substantial evidence that Iraq has Weapons of Mass Nokestruction."

The Cold War nearly escalated into a full-scale noklear war.

I noked your mom last night.
by @jokerrorist October 06, 2013
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Somone who is not woke, not woke at all. In other words the combination of not and woke.
Ryan: Hey B, did you hear what samantha said?
Justin: No what
Ryan: She called Tim an normie, then said he was Noke!
Justin: Noke?
Ryan: A combo of not and woke.
Justin: Ahh, I see now. Some new slang.
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by edgykid9000 March 13, 2018
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noke is cool. how cool? very cool...
everyone: woah look there's noke let's all bow down and step back
noke: awwww =)
by undisclosed February 13, 2004
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A Noke is a Male who acts ghetto, when in reality, he is from a generally wealthy background, and knows nothing of the ghetto at all.
bartender: Sir, you've already had my most expensive alcohol, and i think i need to cut you off.

Noke: yo, I got da ca$h fo it, so you b3st b3 gvin' me dat damn juice!

bartender: sure thing. and what the fuck is juice?!?!

by SpinalxInfusion April 25, 2009
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To be knocked out ..... in one punch!!!!
To cop one hell of a beating
To be a winging little bitch that cries after starting shit.
You just got Noked the fuck out!!!!
I'm gonna Noke that prick out!!
Fuck check that cunt out he's noked!
by Banga81 August 24, 2006
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a place where dreams go to die. in this twisted world of decadence, drug abuse and debauchary nothing's as it seems. also known for greek life,late night dance parties, russian drug dealers and fake id's. also known as the best 6 years of your life.
mike hines is soooooooo 'noke.
by maroon corp August 04, 2006
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