A species of Goblin, of the goblinus herpeaticmus genus. Usually minimalistic in hieght, this creature prays on men's private regions for its own sadistic pleasure. Nobgoblin's are secretive shy creatures by nature, often residing in small cracks and crevices. They appear rarely, only surfacing for food or penis. The creature's face has never been seen, but it is believed to bear resemblance to CJ during a particularily tough boot camp session.
If you dont stop it, ill get my Nobgoblin out on you!
by ScoutNibblet March 11, 2004
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An ugly girl who men fraternise with because she is dirty too.
Dude that girl is so ugly, but I hear she really gives out. She's such a nob goblin!
by swellyeah December 01, 2009
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A game where if one man is caught wit his legs spread at anytime andother man shouts Nob goblin and racks him in the nuts
Guy 1 sitting on bench with legs spread
Guy 2 casually walks over to Guy 1 and all of a sudden shouts "NOB GOBLIN" and racks Guy 1 in the cahones
by vots69 February 01, 2010
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A dickhead who has a small penis but acts like it's huge
Bill: Hey guys, just came home from another chicks house
Everyone else: Oh wow, you're such a nob goblin
by Rebecca mercy llody June 08, 2015
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(noun); 1. Similar to the Hobgoblin, but with a much larger amount of neebnobbers.
2. Can also refer to one who is unpleasant due to their multiple neebnobbers, often coinciding with a beanwanger

1. Spider-Man thought the Nobgoblin was even more vicious than the Hobgoblin due to his extreme amount of neebnobbers and large amount of buttwankage.

2. Carson Daly is a smug bastard and a Nobgoblin faggot. No actually he's just a faggot, not a Nobgoblin
by Bonwanker4lyf September 12, 2009
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A nob goblin (often referred to as a nob gob) is the post-ejaculate matter, on the tip of the penis, after is has been solidified.

Layman's term:
The crusty cum on the tip of a penis.
"Man, I've got a harsh nob goblin from last night".

"These fuckin' goblins wont leave me alone; they're irritating as fuck". - direct quote from myself.
by Eljato September 10, 2008
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