Absolutely amazing and talented musical genious. Personally my favourite singer since I was 4. Just so happens to be a homosexual, but that does not affect his awesome skills! Everyone get a copy of "Your Song" right now!
Person 1: WOW! Elton John kicks ass
Person 2: No way! That guy is a fag
Person 1: Shuttup dude, Elton rocks
Person 2: Hey you're right, this cat kicks ass.
by ae_andrea February 25, 2004
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One of the greatest musicians EVER. Criticized by closed minded idiots because of his sexuality. Has made AWESOME songs like "Rocket Man" and "Tiny Dancer". Elton John rocks.
by SuperSonicX September 18, 2005
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elton john is One of the best musicians ever to grace the world. once straight now homo, but that does not matter when you produse music like his. others hate him because he is 1. gay 2. soft. 3. amazing
Goth. elton john sucks
Me (with gun). no you suck, fuck the dark lord (shoots gun into goth's stomach)
by jballadelahood June 8, 2006
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A talented musician who prefers wangs in his bum.
Elton John's hits include "Crocodile Rock," "Rocketman," "Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road," "Candle in the Wind," and David Furnish's ass.
by Pimpmaster Pete May 19, 2007
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Man who sucks dick .
Man Who takes it in the ass.
A cum guzzling skinflute player.
Man who loves to get a sac lunch(look it up)
Ass pounding goat spelunker
Your a real elton john dickface!
Damn elton you faggot fuck!

Whats the difference between elton johns ass and a refridgerator........
....The refridgerator doesn't fart when you pull the meat out
by Curtis A. April 20, 2005
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the gayist piano player to ever play. Usually like to
a. play the piano
b. suck cock
c. suck some more cock
and d. suck some even more cock
elton john can suck my cock (actually i take that back he probally will)
by M. lawrence February 8, 2007
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a boss. he's been in songs with 2Pac and Eminem. it doesn't matter if hey's gay, he's cool.
search eminem ft. elton john grammy performance on youtube
by big big boiii December 14, 2009
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