Typically an individual of an unfortunate vertical stature—or someone regularly identified as short—who routinely thinks he or she knows everything.
“She is such a fucking a no-tall!!”
by Stumpy302 April 11, 2018
The act of cutting someone else's penis off and sewing it onto yours to make it taller
Johnny went out talling again and it was not a pretty sight
by Someguythingguy January 12, 2015
5'11 1/2" or above
by Anonymous October 31, 2003
Any guy above 5’9. The above standard doesn’t just jump to 5’10. includes 5’9 1/4, etc.
Girl: ooh fuck! That bitch tall!
Friend: Oh damn! He must have a big dick! How tall is he again?
Girl: A height that’s tall enough for me! Definitely slightly above 5’9!
by r59b1 May 4, 2021
1. That trick was so tall!
2. How did you do that math homework? You're so tall.
by IOFT April 19, 2011