Term for a person who appears to physically have no neck because his/her head is attached directly to the shoulders.
Little Jimmy will develop into an eternally single and gay no-neck because his burly father bopped him on the head as a child each day.
by Benutty March 8, 2008
A hereditary or injury-induced disability in which a person lacks a neck. Often associated with dim-wittedness and sexual deviancy in third world countries.
by colesabitch April 8, 2014
Receiving fellatio from a resident of an extremely rural area, such as a redneck. The giver of the fellatio may or may not be of distant relation to the receiver.
I met my second cousin out in the corn field and got some of that neck neck.
by Dr. Darnold July 23, 2017
to have the same chance of winning as someone else
We are neck and neck with our competitors, so we really need to work hard to maintain our market share.
by satfay7 March 19, 2018
A phrase Brock Molden and Carl Lightfoot started to address everyday situations. The world may never know the actual full definition. :(
Asha is such a neck neck. Carissa is definitely Neck #2. Ash quit being a neckum.
by MOLDFOOT October 17, 2011
Having a (noun) to yourself.
Being by/to yourself.

Originated from the San Francisco Bay Area
I got the house to the neck.
Do you have the whip to the neck?
Once her main gone, I'm finna have her to the neck!
First off, I wake up with a blunt to the neck.
I'm going to neck this wood and then I'm finna slide.
Since I moved out the bay, I don't really fuck with anyone out there & I don't got anyone else around. I've been to the neck, really by my lonesome.
by baylingo March 30, 2020
When your friend be doing some dumb shit so you need to be discipline them with a firm slap on the neck.
"Yo what's 2+2"? "young blood i think it's 8". "Nigga that's a neck".
by neck,necking,dumb thot November 27, 2017